Allstate Corporate Services is now RASi. Please visit for more information.


Allstate Corporate Services offers full-service corporate filing, document retrieval, and research services.With Allstate, forming new entities is hassle-free and profitable.

The Industry Leader in Corporate Filing Services

Allstate handles corporate filings for every possible structure-corporations and LLCs to nonprofits and everything in between.We also handle foreign entities, dissolutions, DBA/Trade name filings, amendments, and more.

Serving Fifty States

When we say Allstate-we mean it! Allstate has offices and provides corporate filing and registered agent services in every state and jurisdiction. Only Allstate guarantees nationwide services and level registered agent pricing ($119.00 p/yr). Transfer all your registered agent entities to Allstate Corporate Services and start saving $$ today!

Far More Service and Far More Value

Allstate Corporate Services provides the most service in the industry for one fixed price.Our fee covers everything for your specific application: name availability checks, document preparation, filing, faxing, email, UPS costs, corporate kit, official filing receipts, and more.Unlike some of our competitors, Allstate won't charge extra for shipping, handling, or faxing fees. Don't settle for higher costs.

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